Motion Control LSI motor controller Slash development workload and start generating profits sooner!
Motion Control LSI

Pulse generator LSI for motor control

The X7000 series Motion Control LSI chip are designed specifically for pulse signal motor control applications. Motion control LSI is increasingly seen as superior to conventional motor control systems such as one chip microcomputers and Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), in terms of reduced development workload and lead times for precision control applications.

Precision control programming in short lead times

The Motion Control LSI is already loaded with the complex adjustable speed programming elements used in motor control, enabling fast-track development of ideal S-shaped speed control with optimized inertia moment.

Reduce development lead time and cost

Faster control programming means shorter overall development lead time and significant savings at the development stage. The Motion Control LSI is a revolutionary device that boosts product value and delivers a genuine market advantage.

About the Motion Control LSI

Key benefits

■Slashes development lead times

■Your product can be released faster than designed in FPGA/one chip microcomputer

■Recoup initial investment in development more quickly and start generating profits sooner

■Lower development costs means less risk overall

Reduce costs over the entire product development life cycle


Advantages of the X7000 series

■Maximum output frequency: 5 Mpps (linear)/3.05 Mpps (S-shaped)
■Index, continuous pulse, origin return and sensor positioning functions
■Synchronized start function
■Linear interpolation function
■Tolerant buffer: supports interface with external 5 V system
■Two built-in 24-bit up-down counters
■Output pulse range: 1 – 61,777,215
■Deceleration start point auto calculate function
■Interrupt function
■CMOS internal voltage: 3.3 V
■Maximum input clock speed: 20 MHz
■I/O power voltage: 5 V or 3.3 V


CPU one chip microcomputer FPGA Motion Control LSI
CPU one chip microcomputer FPGA Motion Control LSI



















Development time            
Flexibility of additional functions            
Ease of programming            
Pulse output in high-frequency domain            
CPU load            
High speed actions            
Complex actions            
Product price            
Processing rate            
Total cost (multiproduct, small-lot scenario)            
Total cost (mass production scenario)            

Typical applications

■CT scanning
■LSI testers
■X-ray irradiation equipment
■Game machines
■Wire Bonder
■Chip mounter
■Laser printers
■Liquid crystal glass machining
■Nursing care equipment
■External inspection equipment
■Monitoring cameras
■Indusrial printers
■Blood analyzers
■Sorting machines
■Chemical dispensers
■Auto welders
■Injection molders
■Dimensional measuring devices
■Deposition equipment
■Multi-function printers
■Knitting machines
■Packaging machines
■Flow controllers

Product range

Motion Control LSIX7083A

Motion Control LSI

208pin LQFP 28x28(mm)
Motion Control LSI X7043A

Motion Control LSI

144pin LQFP 20x20(mm)
Motion Control LSI X7023A

Motion Control LSI

100pin TQFP 14x14(mm)

Key specifications

Reference clock 20 MHz (recommended 16.384 or 19.6608 MHz)
Maximum speed 5MHz
Travel 24-bit (1 – 16,777,216 pulses)
Speeds x 250
x 25 250 - 4,095,750pps
x 5 25 - 409,575pps
x 1 5 - 81,915pps
x 0.1 1 - 16,383pps
Speed adjustment (linear) x 250 31.25 - 511,968pps/msec
x 25 31.25 - 511,968pps/msec
x 5 0.625 - 10.23936pps/msec
x 1 0.125 - 2.07872pps/msec
x 0.1 0.0125 - 0.207872pps/msec
Acceleration/deceleration time (full range) Linear 8msec - 131sec
Radial 16msec - 262sec
SIN 12.56msec - 205.77sec

Drive commands

Positioning drive Incremental (index) drive
Origin search (origin return I, II, III, IV and V)
Sensor positioning
Interpolation drive Linear interpolation drive
Other Continuous drive

Drive mode

Deceleration starting point Auto calculated, manually set, offset setting
Acceleration/deceleration shape S-shaped, linear, separately set by acceleration/deceleration
Synchronization Synchronizable between start, stop, accelerate and decelerate chips


Speed counterSpeed counter 14 - bit
Remaining pulse counter 24 - bit
Deviation counter 24 - and 32 - bit (via setting)
Command position counter 24 - and 32 - bit (via setting)
Actual position counter 24 - and 32 - bit (via setting)
Circular XY command position counter None
encoder input 2 - clock, 1 - multiplier, 2 - multiplier, 4 - multiplier

Synchronization latch



Command position comparator 24-bit (via setting)
Actual position comparator
Multi-purpose comparator


Gate structure CMOS
Input power voltage X7083A VddlNT 3.0 - 3.6V
VddlO 4.5 – 5.5 V and 3.0 – 3.6 V
5 V input tolerant None


8-axis X7083A QFP208pin (30.0 x 30.0)
4-axis X7043A QFP144pin (22.0 x 22.0)
2-axis X7023A QFP100pin (16.0 x 16.0)
1-axis None



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